Madagascar Peach Stone

Madagascar Peach Stone

Madagascar Peach stone is a type of feldspar called orthoclase, which makes up much of the Earth’s crust. It forms as magma cools and then crystallizes into igneous rock--granite, for example. The pink crystals can be tiny—less than a few millimeters, but they are especially large and easily seen when found in another rock called pegmatite. A gigantic crystal found in a pegmatite rock in the mountains of Russia measured 30 feet long and weighed 100 tons! Orthoclase has been found within some rocks on Mars and on the moon.

Madagascar Peach stone has similar properties to Amazonite, also a feldspar. It appears translucent to transparent and displays a vitreous, waxy luster. It gets its name from the natural peach color of the rough material. It’s relatively hard, yet it can be prone to scratches. Wearing as a pendant or earrings poses little problem, but it may not be durable enough to wear daily as a ring.

If you caught Jay’s July show, then you’re familiar with this remarkable stone. If not, you have another opportunity to see it in his August show. Don’t miss it!

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