Spark plugs, brake shoes, toilets, sinks, dentures. What are we babbling about, you wonder? Kyanite, of course! These items have one thing in common-porcelain. And Kyanite is used to make porcelain. It’s not all beauty and no brains! This beautiful shimmery blue stone is also very heat resistant and is used to make molds for high temperature metal casting. It’s also used in the automotive and railroad industries. Apart from these industrial uses, we are most familiar with Kyanite as a gemstone. It can be used in all types of jewelry and Jay has demonstrated this in his earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. It’s definitely one of our favorite stones!

The word Kyanite is derived from the ancient Greek form of cyan (blue).It is classified as a silicate, which is the most important rock-forming group, creating 90% of the Earth’s crust. Kyanite can be found in a variety of colors such as blue, white, gray, yellow, pink, orange, black, and on a rare occasion, green. The stone displays a glassy and sometimes pearly luster. Take a closer look and you’ll also see “fibers” in it. Kyanite is brittle and splintery and has two distinct hardnesses, which make it challenging to cut.

Kyanite Wand
Kyanite Rough

You are unlikely to see this exotic gemstone in a typical jewelry store, but you can find it on Mine Finds! Jay features Kyanite in his designs quite often. In the past he’s created a faceted bead necklace (stunning!) and a reversible bracelet (2 looks in 1!), among many rings, earrings and bracelets. If you don’t have Kyanite in your collection, you’re missing out on a beauty!

Happy Hounding!