Customer Service


Jay King aspires to create unique, well-crafted jewelry that you'll not only be excited to wear, but can enjoy for years to come. However, we will happily make repairs that are due to workmanship defect within 1 year of purchase. Your HSN receipt is required.

However, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, HSN generally offers a 30 day money back guarantee. For more information click on their link:  FAQ page or contact them at 1.800.284.5757.

Looking for information regarding the Jay King Watch Warranty?  Click right here.

What is a Repair Portal?
It is an entry point where you can request, submit and keep track of your repair. You can submit a photo of your repair and a note of inquiry prior to sending it in to us so you can be assured your request can be completed.

Why do we charge $10 for return shipping?
This is a standard charge for returning repaired items back to our customers in a secure manner.

How do I set up my customer account?
Use this link - My Account. There you will be prompted to enter:
Your Name
Email Address
Create a Password

Once created you will then have a dashboard where you can enter, view or change:
Account Information – update your email address, password and name
Address Information – have multiple addresses and telephone numbers 
View your repair – track your repair status

How do I submit a repair request?
After updating your account information you will then click the “Repair Inquiry” button at the top of the page. Instructions for completing your request are listed on the page. You will need the HSN item number of your repair which is located on your HSN receipt and a photo of your item taken on a white background. Also, we ask for a brief reason for your request.

You can enter multiple repairs by clicking on the green button marked "Add More Repairs"  after you have submitted your first item.

Once you have completed your list you can then submit your request. Here you will be prompted to:

Enter your address and phone information if you haven’t done so already
Enter your return shipping information if you haven’t done so already
Enter your return shipping payment which is a flat $10 rate. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Check or Money Order.

After you have created an account and have submitted your request, you will be able to view your repair(s), track your repair progress and see when your repair ships. It could take 5 – 7 days for a reply or a change in status. As long as you have received a confirmation or can view your repair in your account we have received your request. 

If your request has been "approved" you will receive instructions on how to proceed both by email and in your Jay King Cares account.  The instructions will appear in the column marked "status" and will say "approved" with a blue link - just click the link for instructions. 

Make sure to check your junk or spam mail folders if you do not receive a confirmation by email.  To ensure proper delivery you should add us to your contact list as

What are repair status meanings?
“Pending” – means you have submitted your request and are awaiting approval
“Approved” – means your repair has been approved. Please follow the directions either on the email you received or click on the instuctions link
“Canceled” – per customer request 
“Denied” – could be because it is not a Jay King item, reason will be included with response
“Not a Manufacturer Defect" – reason will be included with response
“Unrepairable” – reason will be included with response
“Received” – means we have received the repair and it’s in process
“Shipped” – means your repair has been shipped and will include a tracking number 
“Completed/Finalized” –  means your repair has been finished and has been shipped back to you
"Hold" - means processing has temporarily stopped, a reason will be included with response

After I have received my approval how do I package my repair?
The safest way to package your item is to place it snugly (avoid stones bumping into each other, loose pendants, etc.) in the box it came in and place it into a shipping box. We encourage you to purchase insurance and obtain a tracking number from your shipper. We find that USPS has a great rate when using their small flat rate box, and it’s quite protective and sturdy. Do not send jewelry in business or padded envelopes as jewelry has arrived damaged when shipped this way.  Jay King Cares is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Does Jay King Cares charge sales tax?
We do not charge sales tax for customers living outside of New Mexico.

Is my information secure online?
Yes. We don't store credit card information, so there is no concern for a data breach causing financial harm. All credit card information is passed securely to, which then handles the transaction. We don’t sell or give your private information to any third parties. We use your information only to complete your request.

How do I cancel my repair request?
You will need to contact us either at or through our “Contact” page. It may take 5 – 7 days for a reply.