Jay King
Jay King


Jay King's Upcoming HSN Schedule

All Times Eastern Standard Time

Mine Finds by Jay King
Live from Tucson Shows

Monday January 30
11p – 12a – with Lynn Murphy

Tuesday January 31
12a – 2a – with Lynn Murphy
2p – 4p – with Suzanne Runyan
9p – 12a – with Adam Freeman

Friday February 3
5p – 7p with Sarah Anderson

Saturday February 4
8p – 10p with Adam Freeman

Sunday February 5
6p – 8p with Suzanne Runyan

Monday February 6
1p – 3p with Debbie Denmon
10p – 12a with Adam Freeman

Tuesday February 7
3p – 4p with Helen Keaney
10p – 11p with Adam Freeman
11p – 12a with Lynn Murphy & Adam Freeman


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Specific Dates Will Appear As Shows Get Closer to Airing
All Schedules Are Subject To Change


Jewelry Care
Jewelry Care

Take care of your investment and you will enjoy
wearing your Jay King Jewelry for years to come.

DO remove when:

  • Swimming, bathing, in the spa, washing your hands or dishes
  • In extreme heat or cold
  • Applying lotion, perfume, hair spray & other beauty products
  • Perspiring 
  • Using household chemicals such as bleach & ammonia or detergents 

DON’T clean your jewelry with:

  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Dipping Solutions
  • Abrasives

Store your jewelry in the zip bag it came in to avoid tarnish and scratches. Leave the black anti-tarnish strip in the bag.  Use the polishing cloth that was included in your purchase to clean your jewelry every time you wear it.

For more information on stone care please visit HSN's Gemstone guide.