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Dragonfly Pendant and Suede Necklace

1 years ago 605 Views

The dragonfly symbolizes self-realization, transformation, and adaptability. Do these traits describe you? Or maybe you aspire to instill some of them in yourself? Then Jay’s dragonfly pendant and necklace is just what you need!

Petrified Wood

1 years ago 1147 Views

As you know, Jay uses a lot of Petrified Wood in his designs. You then also know that it’s not actually wood, but a type of fossil where all the trees organic materials have been replaced with minerals.Pretty cool, right?

Nevada Jade

1 years ago 1387 Views

Welcome! We’re glad your back because we want to share with you a cool looking nephrite jade stone called Nevada Jade. Jay has designed some new pieces using this unusual stone and he’ll be presenting them this weekend on Mine Finds on HSN.

Turritella Agate

1 years ago 1115 Views

Turritella Agate is a brown colored translucent stone made up of fossilized snails and found only in the Green River Formation of Wyoming, USA. Forty-six to 51 million years ago, the shells were deposited in shallow lakes and covered by sea sediment, eventually becoming fossil beds.

#8 Turquoise

1 years ago 929 Views

Among all turquoise in the world, one of the most coveted is #8 from Eureka County, Nevada. It comes in light blue, dark blue and bluish green and can be webbed with black, brown or red matrix. The black and red matrix are the most desirable.