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Join the Adventure - Mine Finds by King Live on HSN August 23 - 26

1 month ago 51 Views

Where’s the Stamp?

1 month ago 160 Views

We often get questions about our hallmark. Customers want to know what it looks like, what it means, and where it is found on our jewelry.

A hallmark, or stamp, is very specific to a jeweler designer. Think of it as the designer’s signature--it identifies the piece as being made by them. It's not only our hallmark, but also our trademark.

Mine Finds by Jay King May 17 - 20

4 months ago 194 Views

Love Those Aquamarines!

10 months ago 576 Views

We offered this sweet necklace and earrings in amazonite during our August Mine Finds show and they were so well received that Jay decided to do a repeat in aquamarine this time. We think these aquamarine stones are mesmerizing because their translucency allows you a little peek inside, and allows the light to pass through.

African Chalcedony

10 months ago 563 Views

Happy Fall, Mine Finds Friends! It’s a perfect time to tell you a bit about a lovely African Chalcedony necklace that Jay will present during his November show.