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Ruby in Fuchsite

2 years ago 1981 Views

What do you get when you put ruby and fuchsite together? A striking green stone with reddish pink spots--Ruby in Fuchsite! It’s actually two stones in one. The green fuchsite is a type of mica that is colored by the element chromium and when the conditions are right, red corundum crystals (ruby) are naturally incorporated into the fuchsite stone. Although the inclusions are indeed ruby, they aren’t of the transparent gem quality of fine precious ruby, but rather they are opaque inclusions.

Got Trilobites?

3 years ago 1957 Views

One of Jay’s coolest Mine Finds this month is the trilobite necklace! Trilobites crawled the earth over 500 million years ago, during the Cambrian Era. They were bottom dwelling marine creatures clad in a tough exoskeleton for protection. Most of the remains are actually outgrown (molten) exoskeletons that littered the ocean floor before succumbing to fossilization.