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Blue Opal - October 2018 HSN Today's Special

1 years ago 782 Views

Did you hear that? It’s your wardrobe calling, and it wants to revamp your style starting with a special blue opal necklace! Jay found the natural blue rough in India, which is a first for Mine Finds. As you know, Jay usually buys his blue opal from miners in Peru and the US, but it seems they’re no longer producing opals. So, we’re very excited to roll out this new blue opal from India during Jay’s October shows.

Common and Precious Opal

1 years ago 1145 Views

Have you ever wondered why a particular stone is called an opal, but looks nothing like one? That’s because there are two types – Precious and Common.

The stone that puts out flashes of light and color (opalescence) is called Precious Opal, most of which is mined in Australia. This is the opal that is most familiar to us.