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Posts tagged 'Australia'

Boulder Variscite

2 years ago 1637 Views

If you’ve ever wanted a jaw dropping statement piece, you just have to check out Boulder Variscite! You will soon have your chance to add this beauty to your Jay King collection because Jay will be presenting this gorgeous stone in various designs in 2018.


2 years ago 1418 Views

The translucent beauty of Chrysoprase will knock your socks off! It’s the loveliest green variety of chalcedony (quartz) and the second most valuable chalcedony except for gem silica. Most people aren’t aware that it exists so it’s not used often, so you’ll probably only see it in small boutique type shops. As a matter of fact, so little of this stone exists, that it’s mined by the kilogram and not by the ton!

Pilbara Stone

3 years ago 3749 Views

Pilbara stone is a beautifully patterned jasper as it displays “Picasso” like patterns in reds, yellow, green, blues, white and blacks. The colors are varied as are the patterns which creates an interesting, collectible stone. Pilbara - pronounced "Pillbra" - is a region in the north of Western Australia where this material originates.

Peanut Wood

3 years ago 2448 Views

This stone would be appropriately named “Latte Stone” as it possesses the colors of coffee and steamed milk, but it’s not called that, it’s called Peanut Wood. This material is a fossilized driftwood that is dark brown to black with peanut-sized white spots.

Brecciated Mookaite

3 years ago 5479 Views

The odd thing about Brecciated Mookaite is that is it actually Brecciated Radiolarite. So, if you’ve ever seen a beautiful piece of Mookaite, this is the same type of stone, but it has been broken into fragments and then cemented together into a fine-grained matrix to create Brecciated Mookaite. Radiolarite is sedimentary rock that is mostly composed of microscopic remains of radiolarians. Cool right?