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Petrified Wood

2 years ago 1654 Views

As you know, Jay uses a lot of Petrified Wood in his designs. You then also know that it’s not actually wood, but a type of fossil where all the trees organic materials have been replaced with minerals.Pretty cool, right?

Common and Precious Opal

2 years ago 1561 Views

Have you ever wondered why a particular stone is called an opal, but looks nothing like one? That’s because there are two types – Precious and Common.

The stone that puts out flashes of light and color (opalescence) is called Precious Opal, most of which is mined in Australia. This is the opal that is most familiar to us.

Desert Sunset

2 years ago 1264 Views

You may have noticed a new Mine Finds called Desert Sunset. To the naked eye it resembles the golden brown of Tiger’s Eye but without the cat’s eye effect (chatoyancy) plus the stone contains a prominent, wide banding. The wide bands alternate in layers of jasper and chert, with narrow bands of black hematite.When polished it takes on a pretty ombre effect.


2 years ago 2474 Views

Many beautiful gemstones are mined in Western Australia, but there is one in particular, called Mookaite (pronounced moo-kite.) It is named for Mooka Creek, the area where it’s found and the Aboriginal word mooka means running waters. Its many colors tend to resemble ‘earthy’ or ‘sunset’ hues in combinations of white, cream, brown, grey, purple, maroon, red and yellow.

Wagyl Stone

2 years ago 2932 Views

Wagyl Stone is a type of jasper that displays waves of brown and beige colors. It is an opaque stone with a waxy luster.

The name is based on an ancient mythical serpent in Australian lore. The Noongar people, who were made custodians of the land by the Wagyl, ascribe it as the giver of life and credit it with maintaining all fresh water sources. Geographically, the winding waterways and landforms around Perth in southwest Australia are said to resemble the python-like Wagyl.