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Red Coral Necklace

Red Coral Necklace
1 years ago 571 Views

There’s something in the air and it smells like cool weather and falling leaves. Could it be too soon to think about Christmas? No, it’s never too soon to prepare for the coming holiday season. Here at Mine Finds, it has put us in the mood for red. Red coral, that is. It’s one of our favorite colors and we’re excited to wear it, although you don’t have to wait for Christmas!

Think about a red coral strand of faceted beads paired with an elegant black pantsuit for the “grown-up” party or drape it over the collar of a wacky Christmas sweater for that family photo.

But let’s not forget, this necklace is made for wearing throughout the year. It will add a nice punch of color to any outfit and, on those days when your mood is less than sunny, put it on for a little lift. Either way it’s standing by to make you happy!