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Australian Oasis Stone & Midnight Chalcedony Pendant and Necklace

Australian Oasis Stone & Midnight Chalcedony Pendant and Necklace
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Welcome to November! Jay is back on HSN this month with more new designs, such as his fleur-de-lis style pendant and necklace set. Dropped from a strand of faceted black agate beads is a striking sterling silver pendant set with a faceted black agate cabochon and a gorgeous dark green Australian Oasis stone.

Australian Oasis stone, also known as emerald fuchsite, displays a typical dark green color with a brush stroke pattern. As you probably already know, black agate is a type of chalcedony and we’re calling it Midnight Chalcedony for this design. We blogged awhile back about chalcedony and its children, jasper and agate. Check it out for a brief refresher.

As always, Jay’s silver is .925 sterling and from the USA. He found the black agate in South Africa and the Australian Oasis stone in…well, you can probably guess.

You don’t even have to wait for the Mine Finds show to snag this beauty! Just click on over to HSN.com and see it for yourself!

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Happy Hounding!