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Blue Opal - October 2018 HSN Today's Special

Blue Opal - October 2018 HSN Today's Special
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Did you hear that? It’s your wardrobe calling, and it wants to revamp your style starting with a special blue opal necklace! Jay found the natural blue rough in India, which is a first for Mine Finds. As you know, Jay usually buys his blue opal from miners in Peru and the US, but it seems they’re no longer producing opals. So, we’re very excited to roll out this new blue opal from India during Jay’s October shows.

Once again, he’s using a tried and true silhouette of a single strand of graduated and faceted stones. Each stone is meticulously hand cut and strung to 18”. Of course, we’ve added our signature hook and 2 ¾” extender chain with the dangling heart charm.

You’ll love the mix of soft, blue shades in these stones. The necklace will give you wearability that will soon make it your go-to jewel. Whether you’re making that power play at your board meeting in your business suit or kicking back on the weekend in your blue jeans and denim jacket, simply adding your blue opal strand to either outfit will have you positively oozing with confidence and class!

And don’t forget…opal is October’s birthstone (wink, wink!).

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