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October 2018

Dragonfly Pendant and Suede Necklace

1 years ago 605 Views

The dragonfly symbolizes self-realization, transformation, and adaptability. Do these traits describe you? Or maybe you aspire to instill some of them in yourself? Then Jay’s dragonfly pendant and necklace is just what you need!

Tyrone Turquoise & Lapis Pendant with Beaded Necklace

1 years ago 588 Views

Welcome back! We’re so excited to bring you another of Jay’s unique creations. Once again, he’s combined two of our favorite gemstones--turquoise and lapis, in a fun necklace and pendant set.

Campitos and Lapis Ring Set

1 years ago 488 Views

Our contemporary fashionista customers will love the look of this new ring. It’s two separate rings that can be worn apart or together for a couple of different styles. And you can create a 3rd if you flip one upside down for an offset look. They’re super comfortable too, no matter how you wear them!

We love this design for its uniqueness! The lapis and turquoise are a timeless combo for Mine Finds and we’re really excited for you to see it.

Until next time… Enjoy the shows!

Multicolored Chalcedony and Black Agate Necklace

1 years ago 544 Views

This necklace has gone where no other necklace has gone before. A bold display of color like no other. We’re talking about 36 inches of cool faceted agate beads in orange, black, white and yellow. Many of them have natural little “windows,” allowing you a special glimpse into the magical interior of the stone,


1 years ago 794 Views

Spark plugs, brake shoes, toilets, sinks, dentures. What are we babbling about, you wonder? Kyanite, of course! These items have one thing in common-porcelain. And Kyanite is used to make porcelain. It’s not all beauty and no brains! This beautiful shimmery blue stone is also very heat resistant and is used to make molds for high temperature metal casting. It’s also used in the automotive and railroad industries. Apart from these industrial uses, we are most familiar with Kyanite as a gemstone. It can be used in all types of jewelry and Jay has demonstrated this in his earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. It’s definitely one of our favorite stones!