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April 2018


2 years ago 1468 Views

For jewelry wearers that love the look of precious opal, but want something a little different, ammolite may be just the thing.

Desert Sunset

2 years ago 1195 Views

You may have noticed a new Mine Finds called Desert Sunset. To the naked eye it resembles the golden brown of Tiger’s Eye but without the cat’s eye effect (chatoyancy) plus the stone contains a prominent, wide banding. The wide bands alternate in layers of jasper and chert, with narrow bands of black hematite.When polished it takes on a pretty ombre effect.

Spiny Oyster

2 years ago 1337 Views

Did you know the spiny oyster is not an actual oyster but a scallop? This ancient creature has been around for 250 million years, since the Triassic period!


2 years ago 2128 Views

Many beautiful gemstones are mined in Western Australia, but there is one in particular, called Mookaite (pronounced moo-kite.) It is named for Mooka Creek, the area where it’s found and the Aboriginal word mooka means running waters. Its many colors tend to resemble ‘earthy’ or ‘sunset’ hues in combinations of white, cream, brown, grey, purple, maroon, red and yellow.