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February 2018

Red Skin Turquoise

2 years ago 2581 Views

This turquoise is very special and unique. It comes from the famous Red Skin mine in northern China. This mine was originally developed by the Japanese during WWII as a tin mine.

Wagyl Stone

2 years ago 2828 Views

Wagyl Stone is a type of jasper that displays waves of brown and beige colors. It is an opaque stone with a waxy luster.

The name is based on an ancient mythical serpent in Australian lore. The Noongar people, who were made custodians of the land by the Wagyl, ascribe it as the giver of life and credit it with maintaining all fresh water sources. Geographically, the winding waterways and landforms around Perth in southwest Australia are said to resemble the python-like Wagyl.

Boulder Variscite

2 years ago 1928 Views

If you’ve ever wanted a jaw dropping statement piece, you just have to check out Boulder Variscite! You will soon have your chance to add this beauty to your Jay King collection because Jay will be presenting this gorgeous stone in various designs in 2018.


2 years ago 1404 Views

Morganite is a transparent or translucent pink to purplish-pink variety of beryl named after the banker John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, an avid gem collector, in 1911. It is sometimes called Rose Beryl or Pink Emerald. The beryl classification also includes emeralds and aquamarines. Morganite is the 2nd rarest of the beryls.


2 years ago 2985 Views

Thulite can be pale pink to a deep rose in color and is a variety of zoisite. Manganese is responsible for the obvious pink of thulite. It is neither treated nor enhanced. That beautiful pink is natural!