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December 2017

Chilean Turquoise

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Knowledge of the early South American turquoise trade is scant and research is ongoing to determine specific sources of the stone. It appears that a village named Pueblo Hundido in the Cerro Del Indio Muerto mining district region is probably the source for much of the ancient turquoise found along the trade routes up & down the western coast of South America.


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The translucent beauty of Chrysoprase will knock your socks off! It’s the loveliest green variety of chalcedony (quartz) and the second most valuable chalcedony except for gem silica. Most people aren’t aware that it exists so it’s not used often, so you’ll probably only see it in small boutique type shops. As a matter of fact, so little of this stone exists, that it’s mined by the kilogram and not by the ton!

Rutilated Quartz

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The rule of thought when it comes to gemstones is the only good inclusion is a nonexistent one. Except when it’s Rutilated Quartz! Within transparent quartz, the inclusions are usually needle-like rutile, but can also be clustered to resemble rosettes. The inclusions are titanium dioxide and are commonly golden, copper or red in color.

Happy Holidays!

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