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Notes From The Road

Love Those Aquamarines!

8 months ago 471 Views

We offered this sweet necklace and earrings in amazonite during our August Mine Finds show and they were so well received that Jay decided to do a repeat in aquamarine this time. We think these aquamarine stones are mesmerizing because their translucency allows you a little peek inside, and allows the light to pass through.

African Chalcedony

8 months ago 455 Views

Happy Fall, Mine Finds Friends! It’s a perfect time to tell you a bit about a lovely African Chalcedony necklace that Jay will present during his November show.

Larimar Necklace

8 months ago 452 Views

Welcome back! Jay is presenting a new necklace today on HSN that features larimar. It’s a stone he hasn’t used much in the past, so this one is a must for your Mine Finds collections.

Australian Oasis Stone & Midnight Chalcedony Pendant and Necklace

8 months ago 419 Views

Welcome to November! Jay is back on HSN this month with more new designs, such as his fleur-de-lis style pendant and necklace set. Dropped from a strand of faceted black agate beads is a striking sterling silver pendant set with a faceted black agate cabochon and a gorgeous dark green Australian Oasis stone.

Dragonfly Pendant and Suede Necklace

9 months ago 421 Views

The dragonfly symbolizes self-realization, transformation, and adaptability. Do these traits describe you? Or maybe you aspire to instill some of them in yourself? Then Jay’s dragonfly pendant and necklace is just what you need!