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Notes From The Road

Meditation Stones

8 days ago 105 Views

We’ve decided to offer something a little different from our typical Mine Finds: meditation stones. From time to time, Jay comes across unique items in his travels and likes to share them with you, our customers.

There are 3 stones to choose from and each one is identified with a sterling silver tag engraved with the attribute and name of the stone. For an extra touch, we’ve attached a soft silk tassel.

Green Opal—Rejuvenating

Kabamba Jasper—Tranquility


We like to keep our meditation stones handy for those frenzied times when we can benefit from their soothing affects, especially when we want to quiet our minds and direct our focus. We like to keep them close by when we’re feeling anxious because just being able to gently rub them eases our nervous energy. It’s nice to make a daily habit of sitting in a quiet room with our eyes closed, stone in hand and just focus on our breathing.

These special stones are cut, shaped and polished so they feel good in the palm of your hand—instant gratification and cool to the touch.

Our chaotic lives cause us so much stress, and our meditation stones help to dispel the nervous energy and anxiety caused by it. Quiet reflection and moments of peace are gifts we can give ourselves to ensure our sense of well-being.

Our meditation stones are thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones this holiday season—or any time of the year.To purchase them please visit https://www.desertrosedirect.com/drt-web-exclusive...

Just a word about caring for your meditation stone: just wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Do be careful when handling your stones-they are delicate and will break. We don’t recommend putting them in your pants pockets, using them as keychains or as accessories.

As always…

Happy Hounding!

Love Those Aquamarines!

28 days ago 87 Views

We offered this sweet necklace and earrings in amazonite during our August Mine Finds show and they were so well received that Jay decided to do a repeat in aquamarine this time. We think these aquamarine stones are mesmerizing because their translucency allows you a little peek inside, and allows the light to pass through.

African Chalcedony

1 month ago 86 Views

Happy Fall, Mine Finds Friends! It’s a perfect time to tell you a bit about a lovely African Chalcedony necklace that Jay will present during his November show.

Larimar Necklace

1 month ago 93 Views

Welcome back! Jay is presenting a new necklace today on HSN that features larimar. It’s a stone he hasn’t used much in the past, so this one is a must for your Mine Finds collections.

Australian Oasis Stone & Midnight Chalcedony Pendant and Necklace

1 month ago 124 Views

Welcome to November! Jay is back on HSN this month with more new designs, such as his fleur-de-lis style pendant and necklace set. Dropped from a strand of faceted black agate beads is a striking sterling silver pendant set with a faceted black agate cabochon and a gorgeous dark green Australian Oasis stone.