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7 days ago 37 Views

That really pretty raspberry gemstone you’ve seen on Mine Finds is called Rhodonite and, even though Jay has designed with it in the past, he’s breathed new life into it in a number of beautiful pieces.

It can be found world-wide as small deposits, but Jay found our Rhodonite in northwestern China on the Mongolian border. China is a geologically diverse country which is why Jay always finds so many neat gemstones from there.

#8 Turquoise

7 days ago 42 Views

Among all turquoise in the world, one of the most coveted is #8 from Eureka County, Nevada. It comes in light blue, dark blue and bluish green and can be webbed with black, brown or red matrix. The black and red matrix are the most desirable.

Common and Precious Opal

8 days ago 48 Views

ve you ever wondered why a particular stone is called an opal, but looks nothing like one? That’s because there are two types – Precious and Common.

The stone that puts out flashes of light and color (opalescence) is called Precious Opal, most of which is mined in Australia. This is the opal that is most familiar to us.


8 days ago 32 Views

Summer is right around the corner and what better stone to bring to your attention than Sunstone! It’s not widely found in the marketplace, so in true Jay style, he’s bringing what he’s got straight to you in the form of some beautiful new designs.

Ruby in Fuchsite

2 months ago 119 Views

What do you get when you put ruby and fuchsite together? A striking green stone with reddish pink spots--Ruby in Fuchsite! It’s actually two stones in one. The green fuchsite is a type of mica that is colored by the element chromium and when the conditions are right, red corundum crystals (ruby) are naturally incorporated into the fuchsite stone. Although the inclusions are indeed ruby, they aren’t of the transparent gem quality of fine precious ruby, but rather they are opaque inclusions.