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Turquoise Treatments

1 month ago 157 Views

As a Mine Finds customer, we know you expect to cherish your turquoise for years to come. And we also realize you want to be knowledgeable about the treatments we use on our genuine turquoise. Why do we need them? Because they will help protect the beauty of your turquoise against the damaging effects of lotions, soaps, chemicals and other factors.


2 months ago 152 Views

What could be more exciting than finding an insect from the past in your Amber? I remember as a child looking for insects in amber and when I finally found one it was like looking into a time capsule. I’d imagine all the things that had to happen for me to be looking at this today.

Malawi Sapphire

2 months ago 290 Views

This new sapphire material was acquired from a small deposit in Malawi, Africa. This colorful colony in Africa has a rich cultural history and diverse ethnic groups. The area has a large population of native peoples, sprinkled with different cultures. They have brought numerous improvements to the area and you see it in the local architecture as well as food. The people live a very simple lifestyle mainly agrarian but they also supplement their diets with local fish and fowl.

Campitos Turquoise

2 months ago 191 Views

    This is a clear turquoise from Compitas mine in Sonora, Mexico which resembles the deep blues of Sleeping Beauty. It is medium light-blue with no matrix and a little pyrite. The turquoise is very unique in that it is found as free-form nuggets in clay material, rather than in rock veins.